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tv   [untitled]    October 16, 2012 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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breaking news here on. into the pentagon remain in the u.k. extradition to the u.s. over. the fate of a prominent human rights activist. who is still up in the. court with a. legal protest. most of the weapons are shipped to syrian rebels from abroad helping to feed the islamic extremists.
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thanks for joining us straight to our breaking news for you this hour gary mckinnon who's accused of hacking into the pentagon will not be extradited to the united states the british home secretary decided that sending him to america carried the risk that he would try to take his own life. admits the hacking but maintains he was simply looking for evidence. he's been fighting extradition to the u.s. for a decade now home secretary theresa may said there is no doubt accused of serious crimes but his illness means shipping him off risks his health and even his life may also commission to review of extradition laws which could see more british suspects tried on home soil in just a few minutes here and we will get the latest. who is standing by in london. do
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stay with us for that. well for now turning our attention to out of syria the u.s. has admitted that weapons shipped to the syrian rebels from abroad bolstering the strength of islamic extremists while washington insists it's only providing quote non-lethal aid to the opposition some u.s. officials admit that radical elements are poised to take over syria if assad falls . as the latest on the story. the u.s. has admitted that the aid which they have been sending towards the syrian rebels actually does not end up in the hands of the groups which they were hoping it would end up and quite on the contrary the united states officials are now saying that in fact the money that they keep sending over which then goes towards the purchasing of arms which end up in the hands of the islamist extremist groups the arms are being purchased by qatar and saudi arabia which have a tendency to prefer the radical movements such as the sellers who then end up with
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these top notch extremely expensive weapons which they then use against the troops of president bashar also even. the secular opposition groups within syria itself are saying that they simply cannot afford to buy the same type of arms which are being used by the radicals neither do they can they afford the cameras which are being used by these radical groups such as the free syrian army who are then using it to broadcast their accomplishments or failures on you tube and the like of course the united states administration at this point is concerned that the arms are ending up in the hands of the extremist groups because they fear that may mean in the future that these groups will turn into insurgencies which then will retaliate against the united states of course there are also other diplomats within the middle eastern circuits who are saying at this point a lot of people are being frustrated with the syrian opposition who have proven that they unfortunately cannot unite over one plan according to the something
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diplomats who are being cited by various media sources. come to the conclusion that the syrian opposition is essentially a large conglomerate of smaller groups who spend their time bickering and cannot come to any one agreement and this very fact that there is no agreement or there is no clear cut plan which is also worrying to the united states now u.s. officials are saying. it's because there is no plan as to what's going to happen in that he which are these here that is president bush are also it is ours to that will mean that in the turmoil which follows there will be a civil war in which the radical islamist groups will be much better armed and will be a lot better financed than the secular groups and that will just mean they play out all the libyan scenario all over again. these are really good reporting the u.s. has backed turkey's move to inspect syria bound jets with ankara saying it will intercept all such flights he has already grounded two planes and ships cargo for
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possible military equipment. and writer the editor in chief of a german news magazine says i'm curious flexing its muscle because it's already involved in a proxy war with damascus. why should turkey point two hundred more tanks towards the syrian border why it should turn key big fortresses why should they discuss how. against the syrian parkers is at the syrian side of the border. it looks like a war preparation and you don't. planning of or syrian war which is going on in syria. not to soothe or it's a proxy war and true he is already very much involved in this war by sending mercenaries by giving shelter or training camps and by sending more material to syria he is already rules and this more and more we see here is the
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propaganda war we witness since a long time. this is r t a countdown which could see the u.k. and scotland go their separate ways off to over three centuries has begun prime minister david cameron and scotland's first minister signed a deal for a two thousand and fourteen a referendum which could lead to the nation's sovereignty. looks at the campaigns for and against independence. firing the starting shot armed with their pens and what's being dubbed the edinburgh agreement is signed it's being described as the most important political decision to face the united kingdom for three hundred years of prime minister david cameron and first minister alex salmond meeting to sign a historic deal on an independence referendum that the battle for scotland begins after years of political wrangling the fierce fighting will now commence bay sides
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will want to put their arguments forward and some people who've already getting their claws out in his press conference alex salmond had to field a question asking why he wants to tear up the british flag was the pejorative language of the b.b.c. and the. business of. developing a new relationship between the peoples of these islands so i think a more beneficial. that's what we're trying to build points of focus of both sides will be the economy and she's of defense whether scott then would be stronger going it alone really is better where it is and the referendum to be held was the end of twenty fourteen will focus on a single question whether scotland becomes independent or not dropping the much muted third option that would have seen more powers going to scotland last
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remaining inside the union this is now an all or nothing game with the polls have been consistent over the past decade if not longer the support for independents remains at about a further of the population it doesn't really get much higher than that because those in the pro union campaign seem outwardly confident as the pro independents group are quick to point out the outcome of this fight is far from the given. we should get. ready for you when you were sure that we were going to be. struck and indeed the s.n.p. now hold sixty nine the hundred and twenty nine seats in parliament but the stakes are high many feel the first minister has bet his career for the scotland to vacate
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for independence it would be set to lose a third of its land mass most of its oil and stay with everything still to play for these were the first concrete steps on the way to possible scottish independence. r.t. . david cameron has drawn attention to the economic calendar security advantages that come with scotland being a part of the united kingdom but a scottish show your m.p. alan smith believes london is in fact doing more harm than good. scotland pays in more to the u.k. than we get by and we pay more into the e.u. than we get back but it's not just about the money but i'm absolutely absolutely one hundred percent certain scotland will be rich or independent will be able to spend money on the priorities of the people of scotland will be able to get rid of nuclear weapons so there's a saving right there will be able to stop sending m.p.'s to westminster i'll save
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a fair bit of money as well we can actually put the money of scotland to work for the people of scotland domestically within the u.k. there's the london government and the scottish government and the people of scotland who is every day that passes are increasingly looking at the scottish government saying yeah you know you guys are actually representing as you could do with more powers which is where the u.k. government ditching the second question in terms of we were open to the discussion so you've got the bizarre proposition of its independence or the status quo so the status quo is not working for scotland we could do better as a direct democracy in five and a bit million people within the european union to get two years to actually run through all those discussions and debates and i feel very very confident that we're looking at a yes vote at the end of the. ten minutes past the hour here in the russian capital you're watching our fears of losing a lot of health officials for eleven millionaires hunting for famous vineyards across france are accused of threatening the country's national identity that and
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many other stories of right ahead for you we are waiting and praying and. flying north with me in this old soviet work or so the helicopter is doctors run amir brodsky and his team from the region's medical aviation service we head across ever more barren tundra higher and higher into russia's arctic far north until eventually we see our landing spot with arrive at this tiny village after crossing hundreds of kilometers of snowy wilderness as a boy here suffering from fever and the doctors are going to see what they can do. inside a small building not one but two babies and their parents are waiting for us the doctors inspect them but can't make a diagnosis and decide to bring them to a regional hospital for better care spread larner doesn't like taking her baby away
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from home but she's been before and agrees to go that's the usual practice with those who live in and they keep mothers with their newborns in hospital for a month. on the way back another stop to check on the health of some native minutes reindeer herders out in the tundra it can take many hours to reach the nearest village so a medical problem simply fixed here in the tent that. they used to be but now we can go to civilized places so we call for emergency help. back at hospital other patients helped by the air ambulance are being treated the service costs fourteen million dollars a year to run and there's been controversy with some claiming that locals exaggerate or make up health. problems and use the helicopters as a free taxi service accusations vladimir firmly dismisses it is not true usually the calls are perfectly justified sometimes we reproach locals for waiting
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too long before calling us he's been working as a doctor now for forty three years but vladimir is confident the diva now after he retires his helicopter doctors will remain a lifeline to the peoples of the russian far north. of life new in moscow this is r t the lawyers of five people accused of planning the nine eleven attacks say that the u.s. wants to cover up the fact they were all tortured in secret cia prisons pretrial hearings are underway in guantanamo bay for the men including the self professed mastermind of september the eleventh the case has raised international concern over washington's methods of questioning captives the week long pretrial now has to determine whether to allow them to freely saying court what actually happened
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during their years in custody that i have transmissions from the courtroom are being covered by a forty second sound delay lawyer and retired air force colonel morris davis though he thinks this policy is less about protecting the nation and more about saving face. it was really a very bizarre process has been used before really what the defense is asking to do here is to deviate from what has been the process in the past and to allow the public through the media to understand what took place but it's a very bizarre environment the spectators are seated behind a glass when and where they can see the movement in the animation in the in the lips moving in the courtroom but the sound lags forty seconds or more behind that at times is blanked out entirely so the motions and the words never quite match which i guess at guantanamo as is appropriate i think by and large is the embarrassment over what we did in trying to keep that quiet i mean i was on
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a panel last week here in d.c. with one of the senior members of the prosecution team who said all these trials are going to be in error in transparency but as you've seen today i mean if transparency is a forty second sound allay and reporters tweeting from guantanamo and these are extraordinarily transparent but the public can attend and like i said you know the government can pick and choose what it wants to play and i think that's the purpose of the military commissions is to try to avoid embarrassment over things that we did in some cases a decade ago. the appeal hearing of four prominent black or any human rights activist has adjourned until next month. was jailed for three years an organist for going to ising and participating in illegal rallies his sentence brought hundreds of pro-reform demonstrators onto the streets to demand his release but we cannot talk to a human rights advocate aside he was a tough tough and attended rajab meeting it's good to see you today thanks for joining us here to tell us how did the court session go to the authorities take your arguments into account. they just just if you had to do need to
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get into how do you deal with these the many with this who can give the government just to give him just the money that he was he's one of these judges just a few who do want to do these things do he want to see that he didn't use these he just want to go to everyone he must for. this feeling to himself you know folks want to hear that he was the man who was to do it the man he didn't do the least of the people of the monkey just refused to even use most of the time he said he said the judge in this hearing was basically refusing to listen to yourself and other witnesses who might be saying something positive about human rights activist not be able rajab as you say also that the hearing has been a judge now till november the eighth. very closely with not be a rajab you know him from a from a personal level that almost all of us does here at r.t. what do you think will be the outcome of this appeal. i mean it seems that the
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government just did you want to do you want to go although you want to keep this. up was that you bought it just to give us that that he wanted it was coming it must be a good you know sort of the time to get out of that because he was not. yet just want to tackle that piece even though he don't want to fight for his son and he would use the not just bought it bought it he wasn't. you get to vote don't do we saw this and now i'm talking to media the second i know what i'm doing to you the second i could get to the bottom you know that don't do to me you don't keep giving what i thought of you know see if you didn't get what's happening a lot in that people are not feeling this economy well it's a diving body so he wants to track down the whole society to want to know what exactly was he want to do with that of who she was named what it was going to want
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people to put these three people to get one of these and they would not stop part here at all so we are not we understand the position you're putting yourself in not by going on air with us here globally all the altie network because you are a witness in the hearing often appealed rajab do tell us though what is the anti government movement actually doing to break this cycle of violence a rest and police brutality in your country you just told me again that two more at least human rights activists have been arrested we're also hearing at least two people have now died in further demonstrations all you making any progress. i mean it is the robotics but you're in bahrain did the government did just get going to the scene today that mission community you do seem to they do give you i just know the the communication you know put a condition to do to stop going to shoot to still taking people and dear ones have been handed down to get more people to hold the activists that. culprit with the
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one we're going to have the most that the one that we're going to give here you just get i'm going to put this stuff yet is that this what have you needed to do to get this one hundred that is that what we're going to see room to do to get people to do good so it seems they cannot go is just did that. and they've given me good use of the one hand and do it do you do i mean of course you do any protest still on the people two policemen to charge you with getting up and put the stuff. yeah. we did the last few days so let's get it out and we'll be outside and we want to keep the peace inside he's going to keep eating he says was my speech he wanted i could see that it's not but it does sort of that don't you doesn't think you know and you. think the piece that works on this certainly so far the demonstrations have been going on for twenty months and as you say there on each side the
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demonstrators and in the morning there in the authority show no sign of easing here human rights advocate aside use of alba have to thank you very much for joining us today. but let's go straight back to our breaking news for you here on britain gary mckinnon who's accused of hacking into the pentagon will stay in the u.k. after his extradition to the u.s. was blocked let's not talk to out his party boy who's standing by for us live in london joining us now live polly good to see you the extradition has been blocked what is next for gary mccann. yes well waterboarding of the mind that's what gary mckinnon's mother has called the eleven year wait to know what's going to happen to her son the experience of waiting all that time from when he was arrested back in two thousand and two for hacking into u.s. military computers all that time the u.s. has wanted him to go on trial where he could face a protect attention a sixty year sentence now it's
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a massive side really for mccann and he now knows that he's not facing extradition to reason may said that it would be because of it would be a breach of his human rights to send him because gary mckinnon as many now know he is mentally ill and he would be at a massive risk of suicide if he were to go to the states now. there's been a strong line of pressure from the united states to send him over so this is very much a difficult decision for the home secretary that she had to make today however she has now made it now means that government mckinnon stays in the u.k. and prosecutors here are going to decide whether or not he should face trial in the u.k. or certainly talk about the tough decision for the british home secretary not exactly . what some say is the bullying weight that comes out of capitol hill of course in washington d.c. she's also the secretary to the commission to review all typically of extradition
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laws themselves any changes we can expect. yes so why do repercussions from the decision on gary mckinnon today that's interesting to a lot of observers because a lot of people in the u.k. have spoken for a long time now about how unbalanced and bad the u.k. u.s. extradition treaty is it's seen nine times more britons go over to the u.s. in the past ten years than use case it does and come back to the u.s. citizens i'm sorry come over to the u.k. to be tried so what the home secretary has suggested is that there is now going to be a forum bar for anybody who is wanted by the united states and that means in plain terms it means that anybody wanted by the u.s. is going to have a hearing in the u.k. where judges will decide whether or not it's bad to send a suspect over to the states. live in london thank you.
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well from moscow this is our wine considered the put to me of french culture pride and press stooge but some are suggesting the country's national identity is now threatened by foreigners hunting for vineyards all across the country but the national front france is a far right party has slammed the new trend as emblematic of the danger threatening french heritage for investors could be playing a negative role here as well taxes depend on a region's average sale prices so businessmen from abroad who often pay two or even three times the market value of forcing higher costs onto the locals our special report from the region is next hour right here on. this at over two artes creative people being good to see you today you're taking over the business just now it turns out though that all of us having a reputable job are in the wrong line of work or organized crime or one of the world's most successful business i know rory i've always been told that honesty is
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the best policy for that may not be the case about the math you're making billions at the moment so we're talk about that later perhaps we're going to get to the market as see what's happening with you right now because we are looking at days we had german investor confidence rising more than expected i'll tell you this as a bit of momentum also right it is the standard and poor's has cut the raising of fifteen spanish banks today that says investors awaited decision from madrid on a quest for the big news story going on this week with that in mind check out the common currency you will be able to see that it is getting through demonstrating a bit of resilience in spite of that news just as i and this is now turning their attention to the e.u. summit later on this week that's when they're hoping to get a bit of a resolution as to whether or not a spanish bailout will happen as we can see the move as well as a mix is are going to check out the equities here most a movie a would see that they are even gaining. now they really are marrying the international markets finished up on a high as well we have u.s.
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stock futures gaining right now so as i say there is some general optimism on the global markets today lucullus one of the top performers on the mice it's russia's biggest private oil company said output. in the. now oil money quick and big returns on investments has emerged of mom that's what lose investors to russia before the crisis now five years on is that a case of deja vu going on the country's consumer market became an even stronger magnet for foreign investors sat down to put in a caveat explains why. the middle class in russia has tripled over the last five years to more than ten million households not so many but each person here has substantially more buying power of the average in china brazil india a survey of a kitchen p.r. agency based on the opinions of three hundred four of the best revealed if these
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russian could you was attracting investors to the country and many people from outside think that the most attractive feature is the resources of oil that's the third and has actually gone down slightly interactiveness the most important one though is the growing in the wealth of the middle class and so that move from second position to first and for the rest of see the middle class in the growing middle class is being the most attractive feature of russia the service is showing much more positive enthusiasm for russia compared to five years ago before the crisis in two thousand and seven and so literally over seventy percent of the companies invested here feel good about their investment over seventy percent feel the country's on the right path those are really strong numbers russians who are not story as big spenders as to hitting the shops and their credit cards this was a global big story. that compares favorably with a near zero growth rate in the west. if you're the former but there are three more
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. i have so we got time for matthew so next hour i promise very good to see you soon. part of next year and i will be talking to the president of the u.n. general assembly to ask exactly how much leverage does the world body still have in solving conflicts and whether or not it's still impartial in his job. good leverage tory was able to build the most sophisticated. mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only. to see a story so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you
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hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you. are welcome to the big picture. download the official. language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. t.v. is not required to watch on t.v. all you need. to see any time.
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more news today violence is once again fled the film these are the images. from the streets of canada. corporations are today. the general assembly is the main deliberative organ of the united nations one hundred ninety three countries belong and the art of diplomacy is constantly tested the new press.


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